“I have been most favourably impressed by the Laptop Repair Service provided by electronics engineer Declan Goode, who has on several occasions come to my rescue and remedied the problems I have experienced with my laptop in a competent, knowledgeable, sympathetic and professional manner. Moreover, Declan has, on every occasion when I have needed his services, clearly explained to me the reasons for the problems and what has caused them, in such a way as to give me a sound understanding of why the difficulties have arisen. Consequently, I am now much more aware of what to do (or what not to do!) in order to reduce the likelihood of similar problems arising in the future”

“Declan is reliable and works speedily. He is also very reassuring, which in itself helps to relieve much of the mental stress that computer problems can and do cause, especially when the user has deadlines to meet or needs to send urgent e-mails etc. I would happily and with confidence recommend Declan Goode Computer and Laptop Repair Services to anyone needing rapid and efficient help when their computer lets them down.”

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