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    Dectronix for all your Computer
    & Laptop Repairs In Norfolk

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    A Prompt, Reliable &
    Confidential Service Assured

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    Upgrades to your Software
    & Hardware

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    Removal of Malicious Viruses,
    Trojans and Spyware

Helping you overcome all your computing issues

When you've got problems with your computing equipment and need reliable computer repairs, make sure you look no further than Dectronix in Norfolk. We have over 30 years of experience in electronics.

Our computer repairs service covers PCs, laptops, office computers, hotel/retail computers and all types of business computers. We'll help you maintain your system and carry out any upgrades.

The internet is full of malicious viruses, trojans and spyware, and if your computer is infected, you need not worry.

Dectronix can help with virus removal to keep your data safe.

You'll also be able to get comprehensive IT support from our team.

We can help you with disaster recovery and data loss.

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